A capitalist with a socialist heart and an indefatigable accessibility crusader, Ms. Jindal believes in empowering people by giving them an opportunity through accessible infrastructure to lead dignified lives. She is a strong believer that every human being has inherent capability to contribute both – creatively and economically to the world around itself.  With this belief, she founded Svayam which has been constantly working towards dignity for people with reduced mobility. She focuses on accessibility of built infrastructure and transportation systems.

Founded in 2000, Svayam started as a platform that provided crucial and helpful information related to government schemes, details of NGOs, organizations, rehabilitation departments, assistive aids and devices, and legal information about rights and accessibility in built environment, etc. Svayam helped persons with disabilities to come out and avail of these services, schemes, etc. 

Visualizing that it’s only through the collaborative efforts of the Government and the stakeholders, the realm of public infrastructure could be made inclusive, barrier-free and welcoming to all irrespective of their abilities, age and gender, Svayam began advocating, handholding and facilitating creation of liveable, inclusive and barrier-free communities with various civic and government agencies.

Svayam works with policy makers and other stakeholders helping them change their perception that accessibility is not only required by persons with disabilities but benefits everyone which may include pregnant women, children, people with temporary disabilities, victims of terrorism, war veterans, the elderly, etc.

Svayam is now India’s leading accessibility organisation. It has brought about profound and fundamental change in the mind-set of society about the abilities and economic contribution of the most disadvantaged segments such as persons with multiple disabilities in the nation’s growth.

Ms. Jindal’s entrepreneurial zeal and achievement as a celebrated businesswoman has given her much needed wherewithal to make a difference in the lives of the people with reduced mobility, and put smiles on umpteen, unknown faces and build an inclusive society. Her relentless pursuit of achieving the shared dream of an accessible world continues unabated and has turned Svayam in to a movement. 


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